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Frank Sinatra - That's Life Music Video Hi this is my second year project for my Media Studies A-Level !On here you cant really tell but when you see the man on stage it is in old age film in which gives it the old feel with the age effect! I enjoyed making this from creating the lighting on the stage to editing! I hope you enjoy it to!
The story I created was about a man who was a performer who had everything he ever dreamed of, from having his name in lights to just being able to perform on stage. In my video I have captured from how you see him being on stage at his best performing and then walking around the streets of London as if he was still in his prime. For every star there is always an end and for this performer he didnt want to believe that it was and I have shown this from showing him walking into the theatre and walking round London dressed smart as if he still had everything. However when you see him chucked out of the theatre you see he is only a tramp living on the streets trying to make his dream become real again. I show the difference between the realities of him being on stage by using an old age effect to show that was the past, but when showing him walking into the theatre and around London you see he is still dressed smart but life around him has changed. When his career ended he didnt let it go and by trying too hard to get back onto stage he forgot about his responsibilities he ended up losing his home, his money and even his family and now living on the streets still trying to get back on stage.

Copyright by Georgia Rainbow.
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